Seamless coatings

Discover the beauty and functionality of seamless wall and floor coatings with us! Together with our exclusive partner and supplier HD Surface Srl from Italy, we offer a complete range of innovative seamless surfaces for interiors. Each individual product has been developed by our partner to meet different aesthetic and technical requirements. These are eco-friendly materials that can be used for coating floors, walls and furnishings, both in residential buildings and large public spaces with heavy foot traffic, as well as for application in more complex environments such as spas, swimming pools and bathrooms for the customization of bathtubs and shower trays, thanks to their excellent properties such as durability, elasticity, ease of cleaning, wear and scratch resistance.
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Argille is a natural material. A filler coating with a pleasant feel, applied in two coats and composed of a mixture of clay, vegetable cellulose fibres, natural lime, micronized marble dust, coloured earths and oxides. The product is easy to apply to vertical surfaces and transforms the movement of the human hand into decoration. As a breathable material, clay is a natural temperature and humidity regulator for the environment in which it is used. The trowel coating has a variable, customizable appearance depending on the application method and color. The result is a surface with an irregular effect both in appearance and thickness, velvety to the touch and pleasantly porous, which envelops the interior and gives it warmth. Due to its granular composition, the product has a large number of natural irregularities.

Our recommendation for areas of application: Interiors on vertical surfaces as a decorative element


GEOtexture is a ready-to-use monolithic coating, an easy-to-apply mortar. Breathable and solvent-free, it is a safe and environmentally friendly product. Developed for indoor use to coat large vertical and horizontal surfaces, even with medium foot traffic, furniture and objects in private and public spaces, it is also ideal for more complex areas such as shower trays and kitchen worktops thanks to its excellent mechanical performance, such as resistance to water, acid and alkaline substances. Thanks to its ease of application and wide range of colors, GEOtexture is the perfect solution to renew the design of interiors and create highly decorative surfaces. The aesthetics are typical of trowelled mortars with an appealing movement of textures and shades.

Our recommendation for areas of application: Indoors on horizontal or vertical surfaces with medium foot traffic; ideally suited for bathrooms including floor-level showers

Perfect Combination

The synergetic combination of cement and resin is a decorative system that offers maximum design versatility thanks to the combination of the naturalness and spontaneity of cement and the durability, elasticity and impermeability of resin. Ideal both for living spaces as flooring and wall cladding and for use in bathrooms for bathtubs and showers, as well as in large public spaces with heavy foot traffic. A surface with a "cloud effect" characterized by alternating chiaroscuro effects that recall the material intensity of cement, but with a minimalist style for interior design projects of refined and modern expression.

Our recommendation for areas of application: Interiors on horizontal or vertical surfaces with increased foot traffic

Cemento Wabi

Cemento Wabi is a coating that originates from the meeting of cement, marble and water. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy of aesthetics, it has the same characteristics as any natural element: its irregularities, changes and evolution over time make it a living element that interacts with people and space. Cemento Wabi is intended for indoor use, for coating vertical and horizontal surfaces such as floors and stairs with light to medium foot traffic, furnishings and accessories and for creating walls with high decorative value. Cemento Wabi is available in two textures: Medium Fine, which emphasizes the more lively and coarser appearance of cement, and Fine, with a more compact appearance.

Our recommendation for areas of application: Interiors on vertical surfaces as a decorative element

Further information on the materials can be found on the website of our partner HD Surface Srl.